Handling Trust Litigation

Do you believe that a trustee is not properly managing the assets of a trust that was part of a loved one's estate? Are you a trustee who has been accused of mismanaging a trust?

These disputes can be resolved through trust litigation, a process that can be very complex.

At the law firm of Sjoberg & Votta, our lawyers have experience handling estate litigation. We will strive to see that the assets of your loved one's estate are managed appropriately.

Getting Answers to Your Questions

Often, a dispute over a trust doesn't start out as litigation. It starts out as a question that is not answered appropriately.

Perhaps you are the beneficiary of a trust. You are concerned that payouts are not coming within the appropriate time frame. You wonder about the fees that the trustee is charging. You ask the trustee, but you don't get an answer.

Perhaps you are a trustee. You believe you are following the trust documents appropriately, but there may be a mistake with the documents. Maybe the accusations of mismanagement come before you can sort things out.

Our attorneys understand trusts. We take pride in being able to answer everyone's questions. If those answers indicate that something is wrong, we will take the next step and trust litigation will begin.

Resolving Trust Litigation

We have been helping people in Warwick and throughout Rhode Island since 1989. We know the steps to take to effectively resolve trust litigation.

Thorough preparation is crucial. With the facts in hand, we will seek a positive outcome without having to go to court. Of course, that is not always possible. We will take these matters to trial and seek to walk out with a positive outcome.

Discuss Your Case With Us

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