Resolving Estate and Probate Litigation

Disputes over the administration of an estate are very common. These disputes can occur even when a will and an estate plan have been created to indicate how property should be distributed. These disputes can be very complex, very challenging.

At Sjoberg & Votta in Warwick, Rhode Island, our attorneys will work with you to see that your loved one's wishes are carried out appropriately. We will take great care to see that assets are distributed the way your loved one would have wanted. We are ready for any challenge that may arise.

Attorneys from our law firm are experienced on the topic of estate and probate litigation. You can be certain that we can help you.

How We Handle Estate and Probate Litigation

We believe that a fast resolution is rarely the best resolution. We are not interested in rushing through cases. We are dedicated to doing things right.

That means that we will take the time to review all information that exists pertaining to the estate. We will look at all wills, review all trusts and talk to everyone involved.

Only after we have carefully gathered all of the facts will we press forward. While we certainly prefer to resolve estate and probate litigation outside of the courtroom, we are aware that trial may be necessary. That is a step we are willing to take if it is in your best interest.

Types of Estate Disputes

The most common dispute that leads to estate or probate litigation is a will contest. Although a will may be in place, the validity of the will may be challenged. Another common type of estate dispute is the breach of fiduciary duty claim. If you believe an estate was mishandled or if you have been accused of mishandling an estate, our attorneys can help you resolve the breach of fiduciary duty claim.

The decades of experience possessed by our lawyers can be put to use handling these and all other types of estate disputes, including trust disputes.

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