Medicaid Planning

Do you need Medicaid to help cover the costs of nursing homes, medical care or other expenses? Do you qualify?

If you are out of the range of Medicare, you have probably heard about some method of qualifying. You may have heard about transferring your house. You may have heard about gifting away your assets. Or you may have heard about a lot of easy methods of dealing with the problem.

The fact of the matter is that there is no easy way of dealing with this problem. Methods that seem easy tend to backfire. Luckily, there are methods that work. They may not be easy, but they work. The law firm of Sjoberg & Votta can show you what they are.

Answering Your Questions

When you first come to us for assistance with Medicaid planning, you will have questions, such as:

  • Will I lose my house and all my other property?
  • How can I protect my assets?
  • Did I wait too long?

Our attorneys will take the time to answer all of your questions. We understand that, often, this is something that people do not prepare for. Don't panic. We can help. We have been helping people in Warwick and throughout Rhode Island since 1989.

Providing Knowledgeable Guidance

At our law firm, you will find lawyers who have been handling Medicaid planning and other estate planning matters for decades. This is not new to us. In fact, our team members, like attorney Mark A. Sjoberg, are recognized within the legal community as legal authorities on these topics.

We provide knowledgeable guidance. We don't just follow trends. We know that Medicaid planning often goes beyond creating an asset protection trust or another type of trust. While the solutions we provide may not be easy, they are solid. We believe that's what's important.

Discuss Your Case With Us

Call us at 401-737-9696 or reach us online to schedule a consultation about Medicaid planning.