Helping With the Estate Administration Process

After a person passes away, someone is placed in charge of managing that person's estate. This can be a complex process, made more challenging by the emotions involved in losing a loved one.

At the law firm of Sjoberg & Votta in Warwick, Rhode Island, we are committed to helping with the estate administration process. We will see that your loved one's estate is managed appropriately.

How We Handle Estate Administration

Our attorneys provide personalized care. We spend the appropriate amount of time necessary to understand what your loved one's wishes were before taking the steps necessary to see that the appropriate measures are taken with the estate.

If a will and trusts are in place to direct us, the process may be straightforward. We will see that all assets are gathered and distributed according to the estate plan. We will also use our knowledge of estate tax issues to help minimize the tax burden. If it is necessary to go through the probate process, you can be confident that we have the experience to navigate through that system.

We have experience in estate administration and estate law, experience that we will put to work to see that your loved one's wishes are carried out.

Resolving Estate Administration and Probate Disputes

Disputes over an estate are very common. These disputes can be very complex, very challenging.

Our experience in resolving these disputes through estate litigation is extensive. Our commitment is to resolve these disputes effectively, taking great care to see that the estate is passed on appropriately.

Discuss Your Case With Us

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