Business Succession And Planning

Who will take over your business if you pass away? What will happen to the real estate, assets and inventory? How do you handle other large life events such as a divorce?

Planning for the future of your business is essential to growth and prosperity. At the law firm of Sjoberg & Votta in Warwick, we can help you devise a custom strategy for the future of your business. Whether you are just starting to form a business or you are looking to pass on a family business when you retire, we will work diligently to help you achieve your business goals.

Business Succession

Our business law attorneys are committed to helping business owners prepare for the foreseeable and the unforeseeable. We will work directly with you to understand the goals you hope to achieve with your business.

Next, we will create a tailored strategy to help you pass your business on to a spouse, child or protégé or friend in the event of your death, serious illness or incapacitation. This may involve the creation of contracts, estate planning documents and other measures to protect your business plans.

Other Key Plans for Your Business

Other life events can also have an impact on your business. For example, if you go through a divorce, your business ownership interest may need to be divided. We can help you through this process and provide you with business advice, insight and advocacy throughout your case.

Discuss Your Case With A Business Planning Lawyer

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